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pa que sepan!

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I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.

— Kurt Vonnegut (via sterec)

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Zoom cupcake-kills:

Up: Busy aristocrat with much to do, stressful day so the hair is not exactly styled and kept neat and clean.Down: Vampire.

Either way: Marry me?


Up: Busy aristocrat with much to do, stressful day so the hair is not exactly styled and kept neat and clean.

Down: Vampire.

Either way: Marry me?

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Feminism is having a wardrobe malfunction.

Does your brand of feminism remove barriers for women, or simply move them around? Does is expand options for women, or does it just shift them? You don’t liberate women by forcing them to choose option B instead of option A. What is comfortable for you might not be comfortable for someone else, and it’s entirely possible that what you see as oppressive, other women find comfortable or even downright liberating.

Before you think the girl in the middle is a strawman, let me tell you I used to be her, back in my misguided youth. I considered myself the standard to which other people should adhere. But that was stupid. It’s not up to me to tell people how to dress, and it’s much nicer to let everyone choose for themselves.

Some women would feel naked without a veil. Some women would find it restrictive. Some women would feel restricted by a bra. Some women would feel naked without one. Some women would feel restricted by a tight corset. Others love them. Some wear lots of clothes with a corset. Some only wear the corset and nothing else. What makes any article of clothing oppressive is someone forcing you to wear it. And it’s just as oppressive to force someone not to wear something that they want to wear.

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Couldn’t have started my period on a better day

Treating myself to gourmet chocolates that were on clearance and a Rose Jam+Rose Queen bubble bath.

*This Bubbleroon is my all-time favorite, it smells divine.

"Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak."

*This is my first time using a Rose Queen bomb- so many rose petals!!! :)

"Full of blossoms, petals and a sensuous new rose fragrance, this one is a splendid, sophisticated bomb fit for a queen."

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Kimono by Ityku Kuboty.

Ityku has been transformated to the perception of a kimono.

Kimonos are traditionally considered independent objects with their own unique pattern, but in a few Kubota kimono converted into a single product, so design a kimono is only a fragment of the total composition. As a result, several kimono form of an artistic or landscape. 

Some of these have been involved in a kimono fashion shows.

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